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For investors, Infradebt provides three distinct services:

  1. Infradebt Ethical Fund

In 2017 Infradebt launched our first pooled vehicle – the Infradebt Ethical Fund (IEF).  IEF is Australia’s first ethically screened private debt fund.


The fund, in many ways, demonstrates the multiple qualities of infrastructure debt as part of a broader fixed income strategy:

  • Superior risk adjusted returns – investors don’t compromise on their return objectives

  • Diversification though deploying capital principally in the renewable energy and social infrastructure sectors – sectors that are both large and presently the domain of banks  

  • Achieving a positive impact – improving the liveability of our communities by safeguarding our environment, improving social equality, and building social capital. 

  2. Bespoke customised mandates

For large investors, Infradebt builds and manages customised portfolios of infrastructure debt positions, whereby the client is a direct lender to infrastructure projects.  These strategies are specifically designed to align with the fixed income and broader portfolio objectives of the client, reflecting their specific needs as it relates to sectors (eg renewables, transport, social infrastructure), return, interest rate structures (fixed, floating, CPI), and term.  

  3. Transaction advisory

For large investors with their own in-house credit teams, Infradebt acts in a purely advisory capacity, originating, structuring, undertaking credit analysis, and where appropriate, acting as lenders agent over the term of the loan.

Why infrastructure debt?

For investors – infrastructure debt delivers both a high risk-adjusted return AND transparency/visibility for the deployment of capital – investors can literally point to the assets where their members capital is making a difference.   There are no opaque or complex investment structures. 

Infrastructure investments benefit from more stable cash flows, lower volatility and higher recoveries in the case of default (Moodys 2014).  As a direct investor in the less liquid parts of the credit market, infrastructure debt investors earn a material liquidity premium as a result.

Infradebt targets defensive loans that deliver secure yield.  Our strategies are focussed on boosting fixed income returns through capturing an illiquidity premium and customised lending structures that specifically meet an individual project’s needs (and thus capturing a return for that customisation).  

We employ a bottom-up, top-down investment style.  That is, we seek to deeply understand both the sectors and the assets we are lending to and then price those loans across markets to ensure our clients are getting a fair return.  Drawing on our decades of infrastructure investing experience,  we undertake detailed analysis of each project to understand how robust the cashflows are that support our debt position to a range of adverse scenarios



For Borrowers, one of our core strengths as a firm is our ability to tailor individual debt structures reflecting the unique characteristics of an individual project. 


Our team has decades of experience working with management of projects in core infrastructure, patronage projects, social infrastructure and PPPs, and energy (including transmission/distribution, generation, storage and embedded projects). 


If you are looking to finance a project (or refinance an existing project) we would encourage you to talk to us directly – we operate very differently to banks. We’re fast and efficient, and will provide a different perspective on debt financing. 

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Infradebt Pty Ltd
Level 5, 64 
Northbourne Avenue

Canberra ACT 2601

PO Box 5395 Braddon 2612 

T: +61 2 6172 0222
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