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COVID-19 Charts

The last four months have been surreal to say the least. We have all felt some form of step change in our lives. But the nagging question we had as infrastructure investors was, has the change we saw or experienced been reflected in infrastructure patronage/volumes? So here are a range of charts that might interest you.

The commute to work

Public transport was crushed due to social distancing and remains well down – Sydney trains patronage is down by circa 75%!

Whilst less people may be in the office – the commute to work by car has returned to misery status. Sydney traffic is largely back to normal in June 2020

Source: Tomtom

And for comparison you might be interested in traffic in other parts of the world:

Los Angeles – Still way down

Beijing – Back to Normal During the Week, but still down on weekends


You may have thought that all that extra time at home would have crushed electricity demand – but no, all it did was increase household consumption at the expense of commercial and industrial consumption. Aggregate demand is within a few percent of last year.

NSW electricity demand:

But this wasn’t the case in Italy

What this shows is both the makeup of load (industrial vs commercial vs household) and the crushing effect of full lockdowns on industry in Italy.

But the collapse energy demand generally and its resultant flow on effect on energy pricing generally (in particular coal and gas) has certainly subdued energy prices across the NEM:


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